Tuning for the G-Class: Up to 700 PS in the AMG G 63 from B&B

More power for the Mercedes G-Class from B&B

Tuner B&B takes the current G-Class to the chest. Springs, rims and more power are available for all variants. Up to 700 hp are possible in the AMG G 63.

D.he Mercedes G-Class is available with numerous engines. From the “small” 350 diesel to the big one Biturbo V8 in the AMG G 63 everything is possible. The new performance enhancement program is just as broad Tuner B&B from that for all engines respectively two steps has on offer. New rims and various chassis solutions are also available.

A top speed of over 250 km / h in the AMG G 63

B&B Mercedes G-Class

Regardless of the engine, the G-Class makes an impression. The lowering also helps.

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Two power levels are available for all engine variants. Level one is satisfied with one Additional control unit and a slight increase in boost pressure. (Guide: How harmful is chip tuning really?) In stage two, the boost pressure increases by 0.25 bar, intake and air flow are changed and the engine electronics are re-tuned. In the Entry-level engine 350d are with it 350 hp and 720 Nm Torque instead of the standard 286 HP and 600 Nm possible. At the other end is the mighty AMG G 63 with normally 585 hp and 850 Nm of torque. B&B increases the numbers to 700 hp and a smooth 1000 Nm. So should the 2.5 ton all-wheel drive 3.9 seconds enough to from 0 to 100 km / h to accelerate. The top speed increases from 220 (240 km / h with Driver’s Package) over 250 km / h. The G-Class can optionally use springs Lowered 35 millimeters or Raised 30 millimeters become. New rims in 9.5×20 inches all around as well as spacers are also on offer. (Adviser: You have to pay attention to this with new rims!)

Price: from 4246 euros for level 1

For performance level one, B&B charges 4246 euros each (AMG G 63: 5246 euros). Stage two costs 5398 euros (AMG G 63: 7398 euros). The lowering springs are available for 698 euros, the lift kit is available for 798 euros in the price list. Given a starting price of 103,149 euros for a 350d and even 160,679 euros for the AMG these prices are calculated quite appropriately. Here you can find used Mercedes G-Classes with a guarantee!

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