Tuning: KW chassis for the BMW M3 E30

KW chassis for the M3 E30 from 1300 euros

Chassis specialist KW also takes care of youngtimers and now puts on two new complete chassis for the classic BMW M3 E30!

Schon has been taking care of for some time Chassis specialist KW not only for new cars, but also helps Classic cars to a new substructure. Now the tuner sets two new coilovers for the BMW M3 the E30 series on!

With or without adjustable dampers

New substructure for M3 classics

KW offers the ready-to-install complete chassis in two versions.

KW already had chassis options for the E30-M3 on offer, but original replacement shock absorbers from BMW had to be procured and laboriously processed. Now the tuner offers to be Version 1- or Variant 3 chassis With forged steering knuckles as ready-to-install complete chassis for the classic car. Variant 1 is available from around 1,300 euros and is intended to give the classic more driving dynamics and comfort at the same time. Anyone who chooses variant 3 (from around 2100 euros) will get it adjustable dampers, which can be finely adjusted in 16 steps (rebound) or 12 steps (compression) and adapted to personal taste. Both variants also allow one Lowering of up to 55 millimeters.


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