Tuning Trophy Germany (2021): Golf 2 with VR6 and Porsche brakes

In the Tuning Trophy Germany from DMAX and AUTO BILD Vehicles from all over Germany compete to win the title of “best tuning car”. Together with other jurors, Sidney Hoffmann has to thoroughly check the entire field of participants before the winner can be chosen. Not easy, because the vehicles are all top-class. Among other things, this one is included completely rebuilt 1991 VW Golf 2. Owner Chris Bertels has owned the compact car since 2003 and has had it ever since 45,000 euros invested in tuning.

Grill surround as on the Golf 2 Limited

TTG VW Golf 2

The R logo behind the Golf lettering gives a little indication of what’s under the hood.

Basically nothing is standard on this Golf. the The body was widened and provided with a body kit consisting of various VW parts. Elements from the Passat, Corrado and various Golf series were used. If you take a closer look, there are always new details to discover: retrofit lights, reflective tape at the back, R logos, Hella covers for the fog lights and a blue radiator frame (as in the Golf 2 Limited) are rather subtle changes. Alloy wheels in the central locking style, the deep black paintwork and, at night, the one that immediately catches the eye Underbody lighting.

Tuned VW Golf 2 has 169 hp more than in the series

TTG VW Golf 2

The ignition cables and logos from the VR6 are just as blue as the body details on the Golf 2.

The 36-year-old toolmaker has also lent a hand on the technical side. The slim 55 HP engine had to be one 2.8-liter VR6 from the Golf 3 give way. But the Bertels’ 174 hp were still too little, and so he readjusted until finally 224 hp were on the data sheet. The power is transmitted with one manual transmission from the Golf 5 V5. Self-made brakes with parts from Porsche and VW take care of the delay. Calipers from the Porsche Cayenne are used on the front axle, the four-piston calipers from the 997 911 and the handbrake calipers from the Golf 4 R32 are used on the rear axle. Chris Bertels is particularly proud of this combination. The interior was equipped with a roll cage, electric Audi S5 seats, Golf 4 R32 pedals and the Steering wheel from the Golf 7 R. upgraded. The tailgate opens and closes electrically at the push of a button. Incidentally, apart from the paintwork, the owner carried out almost all tuning measures himself. This is how Chris Bertels’ Golf is equipped compete against Seat Ibiza and Ford Mustang GT on DMAX from September 27, 2021.

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