Tuning Trophy Germany (2021): heavy VW T3 with Corvette-V8

VW T3 with a larger engine – these are popular tuning projects. Most of the time, Porsche technology is slumbering in the rear. Impressive, but also seen a lot. But what here at the Tuning Trophy Germany pulling up is a whole lot harder. the VW T3 flatbed by Peter Weiß namely drives one LS3-V8 walk under the loading area. Those 436 hp 6.2 liter naturally aspirated from the Chevrolet Camaro SS and Corvette C6. Externally, however, the van looks more like a car junkyard. The 41-year-old wants to contribute with this crazy mixture Sidney Hoffmann and his co-jurors score if you from September 27th on DMAX Looking for Germany’s best tuning car.

No more turbo, but more than 360 hp more

Tuning Trophy Germany VW T3 DoKa

The powerful engine is visible through the flap on the side. Perfect weight distribution thanks to the central installation position.

The basis of the renovation is a 1988 VW T3 Transporter, In the rear of the car a good 70 HP turbodiesel plowed away. He flew out and did it 6.2 liter LS3 V8 vacuum cleaner Place, with white the engine in order to optimal weight distribution (50:50) planted right behind the cab. His 436 hp and 575 Nm torque transmits the V8 to a Manual transmission from the BMW E60 5-series diesel. Distributed on the rear axle Differential from the VW Touareg V10 TDI the power between the wheels. In order to accommodate everything, the frame of the transporter had to be completely modified. There was also a self-made exhaust system and a racing tank made of aluminum.

Modified chassis from KW

So much strength needs to be kept in check. For Braking is a disc system from the 996 Porsche 911 responsible, supplemented by Brembo handbrake calipers on the rear axle. That landing gear basically comes from KW, However, springs and dampers have been specially adapted to the mid-engine T3. When it comes to tires, there are extra wide ones Semislicks for use, mounted on black steel rims. They also give an indication of the rest of the look of the car.
Tuning Trophy Germany VW T3 DoKa

Rust and bare sheet metal hide the massive power reserves that this VW T3 generates.

Because the presentation of the V8 van is just as brutal as the technology under the sheet metal. In terms of appearance, Peter Weiß not only left the bed in the standard condition, but also sanded off the paint, until parts of the bare metal came to light. A seal stopped that incipient corrosion, so that the T3 now looks nice and rocked.

GTI steering wheel with Alcantara rim

Tuning Trophy Germany VW T3 DoKa

The hellish VW T3 is ridden embedded in Recaro shells and lashed with Sparco belts.

The interior then pays homage to its intended use as a track tool. Next to Recaro bucket seats with Sparco harness belts White also built another one Roll cage. In order to have the load under control at all times, sits on the steering column GTI steering wheel with Alcantara rim. Anyone who thinks that the renovation took years is wrong. Except for the subsequent fine-tuning, the entire project was through in one winter. Respect! In addition to this V8 Bulli, Weiss also owns a T3 panel van with the Porsche engine mentioned at the beginning. At the Tuning Trophy Germany, however, he only competes with his wacky LS3 bus. You can find out how it fares against the Toyota GT86 and Dodge Charger from September 27th on DMAX!

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