Tuning Trophy Germany (2021): Racetrack Mustang with 520 PS

Professional screwdriver Sidney Hoffmann seeks together with other co-jurors the best tuning car in Germany. As part of the Tuning Trophy Germany from DMAX and AUTO BILD tuned cars of all stripes compete for the coveted title. A case for racing fans is that 2015 Ford Mustang GT by Timo Lohmeier. The self-employed foiler has had over the years more than 50,000 euros invested in the conversion of his muscle car. The focus was clearly on racetrack performance.

Complete exhaust system with a brutal sound

Ford Mustang GT

In favor of optimal drivability, the tuned Mustang did without excessive performance excesses.

There is a pocket in the front of the Mustang GT Five-liter V8. The Mammal 421 hp. Lohmeier gave the unit a few updates: Beside Software optimization, open air filter and the intake manifold from the facelift model held a complete exhaust system including manifold Indent. The 35-year-old is particularly proud of them. He describes the sound as brutal, but just within the legal framework. In terms of performance should now around 520 hp issue. There could be more, but Lohmeier is interested in optimal drivability with the rear-wheel drive Mustang – excessive horsepower figures would be counterproductive. In order to bring the load to a standstill, panes and pads from EBC were installed all around. There are also a Coilovers and stabilizers from ST Suspensions.

RTR widebody kit from drifting

A bitter angry sound is said to echo from these four tailpipes. We believe in our word!

That goes in the same direction Carbon widebody kit from RTR included self-made wheel arch liners on the front axle. The kit was developed for drifting and has nothing to do with Show & Shine. The owner attached the body kit himself as well as the foiling and most of the other tuning parts. These include, for example FR8 rims from Ferrada. In addition to leather and Alcantara, the Mustang’s cockpit is adorned with numerous panels with carbon-look foil. All the racetrack modifications are also used, because Timo Lohmeier moves his tuned Mustang more often on track days. How he does in the Tuning Trophy Germany against Seat Ibiza and VW Golf 2 is from September 27th on DMAX to see.

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