Tuning Trophy Germany: Golf GTI Edition 30 with five-cylinder power

Five cylinders in the VW Golf? What we only had in the fourth generation was also offered in the USA for the successor. But only as relatively harmless Mammal at 170 PS. In the US Jetta, the engine only produces 150 hp. Such an aggregate transplanted Stefan Endres into his Golf 5 GTI Edition 30to make him legs. That may seem strange at first, after all, the Edition 30 produces 230 hp ex works. But thanks to the big turbo the five-cylinder now pushes a solid 603 hp. In addition, Endres has a golf course all wheel drive donated. So equipped, he wants to convince Sidney Hoffmann and his co-jurors at the Tuning Trophy Germany.

All-wheel drive system from the VW Tiguan

For the power increase, the Five-cylinder converted to turbo technology with a large Garrett charger. The suction Endres himself constructed that Parts come from the 3D printer. There were also new connecting rods and pistons, one Crankshaft from the Audi TT RS and a specially programmed Motec control unit including an additional display in the interior. So that the engine holds, 25 (!) Sensors were installed, which transmit their signals to the engine control.
Tuning Trophy Germany VW Golf 5 GTI Edition 30

Thanks to the specially programmed control unit, the engine output of the five-cylinder can now be adjusted almost at will.

Around 12,000 euros and three days of test bench coordination later, the power can now be freely adjusted and on up to 603 hp and screw up 742 Nm torque. Now the Golf has a top speed of 301 km / h. It is switched via MQ500 manual transmission from Audi TT RS and VW Tiguan. The all-wheel drive including multi-plate clutch also comes from the Tiguan. An electronically controlled limited slip differential sits on the front axle.

Brake parts from 911 GT3 and Golf R32

In order to counteract the force appropriately, a Brake with Porsche parts Installed. the Saddles come from the Cayenne Turbo, the friction disks from the 966 911 GT3. A brake system from the Golf R32 sits on the rear axle. The standard rims would not have fit over the massive anchors. So spin now 9×18 inch Motec Protrack One alloy wheels with 235 Nankang semislicks in the wheel arches. On the chassis side is a Bilstein B16 thread installed.
Tuning Trophy Germany VW Golf 5 GTI Edition 30

In order to accommodate the all-wheel drive technology, the spare wheel recess had to be converted.

Visually as inconspicuous as possible

To accommodate the rims, the front fenders had to be pulled. In addition, the spare wheel well was converted to accommodate the all-wheel drive. But these are practically the only body changes to the Golf. Just that The bonnet is still held in place by quick-release fasteners. The latter are necessary, but Endres is a thorn in the side. In principle, he wants to keep the Golf as inconspicuous as possible. In order to mislead inexperienced road users, there is even a “Bluemotion” logo stuck to the rear.
Tuning Trophy Germany VW Golf 5 GTI Edition 30

Lacquered aprons and dark taillights reveal the Edition 30 to connoisseurs. But there is a lot more power lurking here.

Only the “Rabbit 2.5” logo on the radiator comes from the US Golf and reveals the origin of the engine. In the interior is with Cage, Recaro bucket seats and harness belts then back to racing feeling. How the five-cylinder Golf fares against the Opel Corsa B and Toyota MR2 to be seen on DMAX from September 27th.

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