Tuning Trophy Germany: winged VW Polo at the TTG

Who doesn’t know it: You start a tuning project that escalates at some point – and in the end the good piece is only transported to shows on the trailer. However, if the car is to serve as an everyday vehicle, the modifications must not get out of hand. But that too a daily driver can be a real eye-catcher can, shows Melina Braun with her 2010 VW Polo 6R. The little Wolfsburg should convince Sidney Hoffmann and Co at the Tuning Trophy Germany, which will start on September 27th on DMAX runs.

Rally stripes and dozens of stickers

VW Polo 6R

Except for the red wheel bolts, the “white-black” theme runs through the entire Polo.

For a sportier look, the 20-year-old owner treated her Polo a body kit from Rieger. Rally stripes, tow loop and honeycomb grill in GTI style further sharpen the appearance. Rotate in the wheelhouses 17-inch Brock alloy wheels with red wheel bolts. So that the Alus sit well, an air suspension allows the body to come into contact with the asphalt. The rear trumps with a roof spoiler, black taillights and two tailpipes protruding from the center of the apron.

Lambo-style doors on small cars

VW Polo 6R

“Attention wing doors”: The sticker above the door handles informs inexperienced passengers before opening the special doors.

When boarding the interior they fall directly LSD wing doors on. The white and black appearance of the outer skin is then continued in the cockpit. The leather steering wheel with a new rim was given white stitching, a twelve o’clock mark and white trim. Other decorative panels in the car are also kept in white, and the Seats reupholstered. In the trunk there is a fat bass box and a cargo space net.
VW Polo 6R

A racing net hangs in the trunk of the tuned Polo, and a carpet continues the color theme.

All in all, it is still fully suitable for everyday use. In this sense, nothing has been changed on the 70 hp of the series engine, with the exception of the exhaust system, the drive technology of the Polo is series. The car is also an eye-catcher with its series performance. If this against Opel Cascada and Trabant 601 enough, will be from September 27th on DMAX at the Tuning Trophy Germany demonstrate.

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