Turkish resort of Bodrum makes up for corona damage: 48 euros for kebabs Abroad

This is evident from an account that a tourist has shared on social media. A coke or a double espresso costs 8 euros. The very expensive Maçakızı Hotel has also found a way to compensate for the lost income: people who want to dive into the sea there have to spend about 70 euros, Turkish media report. The running buffet can be used for around 45 euros.

It also seems that the customer who placed the receipt online has some money to make, in total almost 300 euros had to be paid.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras said that businesses are struggling and that the city is responsible for taking what they can get from tourists, “down to the last cent.” During a press conference he says: “I don’t care if someone wants to pay a lot of money for kebab.” According to Aras, there are still plenty of places where you can get a kebab sandwich for a few euros.


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