Turn off your cell phone on the plane: This is what happens if you don’t

Anyone who has ever sat on an airplane should know this. Before starting the aircraft and before landing, all cell phones must be switched off or at least be in flight mode. But why is that actually the case? Do we risk falling if we defend ourselves against this rule?

This really happens when you refuse to turn off your cell phone

Passengers who do not switch off their mobile phone or switch to flight mode when an aircraft takes off will be kindly advised by the flight attendant at the latest to do so. The pilot usually also addresses a few words to the guests to ensure that all laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices are switched off. But should we even take these technical gadgets with us on the plane if they could cause the plane to crash? Hardly likely.

Easyjet pilot Chris Foster shared a secret with the Liverpool Echo newspaper that we had long suspected: “The on-board communication systems are highly developed these days. Using a mobile phone cannot cause any disability. “

The regulation is very old and dates back to a time when cell phones were structured completely differently and devices such as iPads and other tablet PCs were not even available, according to the 50-year-old pilot.

The aviation expert Cord Schellenberg confirmed the statement to the “Welt”: “If it were really dangerous to use the cell phone during take-off and landing, then airlines would collect the cell phones or ban them altogether,” the aviation expert is convinced.

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A question of comfort

The expert said that the request to turn off the cell phone is more a question of convenience. Many guests felt annoyed by the ringing of their neighbors’ cell phones. Slight interference signals could also affect the pilots’ headphones, but only to a minor extent, so that flight safety is not impaired.

So if you have an annoying neighbor on your next flight who has kept his tone on all the time, you can still look forward to the fact that the regulation is still in force and that mobile phones must still be in flight mode. Incidentally, anyone who does not follow these rules is liable to prosecution, because in such a case the domestic authority always rests with the airline. In addition, disruptive behavior could block the option of receiving a free upgrade to a higher class.

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