Tutorial: Microsoft helps with Surface laptop repair

Microsoft wants to help customers repair their Surface Laptop Studio with a video tutorial.

Microsoft wants to own the right to repair and help its customers to replace defective parts in Microsoft hardware themselves. After the Redmond company published a teardown video for the Surface Laptop SE in January, it is now the turn of the Surface Laptop Studio.

Surface Laptop Studio teardown video

The company released a new video tutorial this week via the official Microsoft Surface YouTube channel. In the approximately 15-minute clip, Colin Ravenscroft, Senior DFX Engineer in Microsoft’s Design for Repair Team, shows step-by-step how he disassembles the Surface Laptop Studio into its individual parts. To make it easier for customers to repair, no glue is used in the laptop. In this way, the individual parts can be detached more easily and defects due to too much effort when disassembling are prevented.

Better repair options for Surface devices

To disassemble the Surface Laptop Studio, users only need a spatula, tweezers and two Torx screwdrivers. The video shows that almost all parts inside the laptop can be easily removed. Last year, Microsoft announced better repair options for its hardware. Official repair tools for Surface devices are offered through a partnership with iFixit. However, Microsoft advises its customers to seek professional repair help and to exercise extreme caution when performing do-it-yourself actions. If you still want to carry out the repair yourself, you should sort out the loosened screws because they only fit in certain places in the case.

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