TV tip: AUTO BILD as a guest at the Tuning Trophy Germany

AUTO BILD is at the start in the third episode of the Tuning Trophy Germany! Sidney Hoffmann and the fresh DTM champion Maximilian Götz are getting support from the deputy AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Robin Hornig. The three categories “Style”, “Driving” and “Technology” are being tested again. The three candidate vehicles are rated independently of each other. Also included are an Opel GT with (more or less) contemporary tuning, an Audi 100 S4 with the latest turbocharger technology and a BMW track tool – formerly the 320i, now more the M3 E36. Of course, we won’t reveal which of the three cars will make it to the final. But it will quickly become clear that Robin is celebrating the Audi 100 for its sleeper concept. However, the Audi also has a small drawback. So switch in, at 9:15 p.m. on DMAX!

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