Twitch reaches televisions from Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC, Telefunken, and Techwood

Twitch is now reaching the TVs of Vestel's brands.
Twitch is now reaching the TVs of Vestel’s brands.

Twitch will soon be available on significantly more smart TVs. There is a new partnership with the multi-brand manufacturer Vestel.

Vestel is a Turkish company that is secretly behind several brands that are distributed in Europe. For example, in the TV market in Europe, Vestel holds the rights to brands such as Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC, Telefunken and Techwood. And all these brands and their televisions will now also receive the app for the live streaming provider Twitch.

Via the app for Twitch, it will be possible to access Twitch channels and live streams on Vestel televisions, which have been in production since June 2018, and of course to search specifically for content on the platform. Some TV models from Vestels brands even have their own Twitch button on the remote control. According to the manufacturer, the app is navigated using the arrow keys on the remote control. All relevant content can then be found in this way. If you already have a Twitch account in use, you can log into the TV app without further ado to access live broadcasts from your favorite streamers.

The Turkish TV manufacturer is not so active in the high-priced segment and offers mainly entry-level televisions under the brands mentioned. Anyone who owns a corresponding model will surely appreciate the fact that the app for Twitch can now be used directly on the television. Twitch is also already available on other models from manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Co. and is gaining popularity, especially with younger target groups.

Twitch focuses on gaming live streams

Even if Twitch has a fairly wide range of live streams, gaming still makes up the lion’s share. There are also podcasts and other streams about events to be found there. Sometimes there are also time-limited channels that broadcast TV content.


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