Twitter account Donald Trump permanently deleted

Donald Trump’s Twitter account, with more than 88 million followers, has been permanently removed. Twitter ruled that letting Trump keep his platform was dangerous and so decided to delete the account for good.

In the wake of the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, current US President Donald Trump has already been blocked on various social media platforms, but Twitter has now made the most drastic decision.

Permanently removed

Initially, Twitter blocked Donald Trump for 12 hours, after which they gave him another chance. But Trump soon wasted that opportunity by sending out new tweets that could be seen as an incitement to violence. As a result, the measure for Twitter was full. “After examining the recent tweets from @realDonaldTrump’s account and the context surrounding the tweets, we permanently removed the account due to the risk of further incitement to violence.” In a blog post, the platform provides more information on why it took the drastic measure.

“In the context of this week’s horrific events, we made it clear on Wednesday that additional violations of Twitter’s rules will lead to this action (permanently deleting @RealDonaldTrump’s account, ed.). Our platform exists so that the public can listen directly to what elected politicians and world leaders have to say. But we have made it clear in recent years that these accounts are not above the law and that they cannot use Twitter to incite violence, for example. ”

Glorifying violence

Twitter goes ahead and lists the exact tweets from Donald Trump that were the last straw. After the events of Wednesday, Trump was banned from Twitter for 12 hours, after which he got his account back under strict conditions. But he did not comply with those measures.

He immediately tweeted that his followers should be treated with respect. The same supporters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. “The 75 million wonderful Americans who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN will have a HUGE VOTE into the future. They will not be treated disrespectfully or unfairly in any way. ”

According to Twitter, this tweet is a glorification of violence, and it could not be tolerated. In a subsequent tweet, Trump also announced that he will not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration. Twitter sees this as a statement to its supporters that the “coast is clear at that time” for a possible attack. That’s why Trump has now lost his account with 88 million followers for good.


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