Twitter adjusts policy after fuss over blocking Biden article

Twitter blocked a newspaper article about his son’s cases in Ukraine that was harmful to presidential candidate Joe Biden, in which Biden was allegedly involved as vice president at the time.

The company now wants to be more careful with such blocks based on suspicions of hacked information. “Twitter will no longer remove hacked content unless it is shared directly by the hackers themselves or accomplices,” said Vijaya Gadde, chief of legal affairs and security.

Twitter will classify messages “to provide context rather than block,” Gadde said. All other company guidelines remain in full force, she emphasized.

Twitter CEO: Blocking is unacceptable

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey calls The New York Post’s blocking article “unacceptable”. Blocking the link without any explanation was “downright unacceptable”, he said.

Republican senators want Dorsey to report to the Senate on Oct. 23.

Hunter Biden

Six years ago, Biden’s son Hunter (50) got a top position at the natural gas company Burisma in Ukraine. His father was then in charge of the Ukrainian policy of President Obama’s administration as vice president.

Joe Biden has always said he had nothing to do with his son’s affairs in the country, but he would have been involved in emails that The New York Post puts up.


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