Twitter CEO: “Blocking Trump was the right decision”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has defended his decision to scrap Trump’s account two days after the storming of the Capitol in a series of tweets.

Twitter’s decision to temporarily block the account of resigning US President Donald Trump was “the right decision for Twitter,” Dorsey said in a series of 13 tweets. Interestingly, he also admitted that the Internet should not be controlled by a handful of private companies.

“We were faced with an extraordinary and untenable situation, which forced us to focus all our actions on public safety. Doing harm offline as a result of online speech is a demonstrable reality, and something that drives our policies and enforcement, ”Dorsey wrote.

“Significant consequences

“Having to block an account has real and significant consequences,” he continued in another tweet. “While there are clear and obvious exceptions, I think a ban is a failure on our part to foster healthy discussion.”

In addition to Twitter, Facebook also blocked Trump’s account after the outbreak of violence at the Capitol last week. YouTube also followed Tuesday by temporarily blocking the video channel of the resigning president.

Meanwhile, tech giants Google and Apple have removed the social networking app Parler from their app store and Amazon has dropped its server services to the company. Parler is especially popular with people with more extreme opinions who “feel unheard”.

Dorsey praises Bitcoin

But according to Dorsey, the uncoordinated approach of these companies, incoherent policies and lack of transparency would undermine efforts to create a “free and open global Internet”.

“The reason I’m so passionate about bitcoin is largely due to the model it shows: a fundamental internet technology that is not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity,” Dorsey wrote. “This is what the internet wants to be, and will be more over time.”


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