Twitter deletes Trump’s tweets and blocks his account for 12 hours

Twitter announced this last night. It is the first time that Twitter has blocked the president’s account. If Trump continues to call for violence, he even risks being permanently banned, Twitter reports.

Earlier in the evening, Twitter also intervened when President Trump posted a video asking protesters to go home. In that video, however, Trump again spoke of large-scale electoral fraud, without having any evidence for it.


Twitter posted a warning with the message. It was also not possible to respond to the tweet and retweeting was not possible ‘because of a risk of violence’. In our live blog you can read all about the violence in the United States and the storming of the Capitol.

In the meantime, the platform has decided to go a step further and several tweets have been deleted. Correspondent Erik Mouthaan saw one of those tweets before it was removed by Twitter.

“This is what you get when a holy election victory is taken from patriots,” the president wrote of his election failure. “That tweet is really of the level Roman Emperor Nero”, says Mouthaan.

Serious Policy Violation

For the next twelve hours, Trump will remain banned for “ serious violations of Twitter’s policies. ” In the latest tweet that can still be seen on the president’s account, he calls on protesters at the Capitol not to commit violence.


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