Twitter Introduces New Tweets Labels With Misleading Coronavirus Information

Twitter messages that contain false coronavirus information are now labeled with warnings about the false information. That stated Twitter in one blog post.

Messages with incorrect information are characterized by the terms “contested or misleading information about Covid-19”.

In violation of advice from health experts

Among the disputable messages will be the notification Get the facts about COVID-19 to be read
(source: Twitter)

Earlier this year, Twitter already introduced a label for manipulated media. Users who came across a tweet with incorrect information found a link to the trusted source of information at the bottom of the tweet. On the site you can find more information about the claims in the fake Twitter message.

If the message contains false or even harmful information, the message will receive a warning message. In it you will read that some or all of the information from the tweet goes against the advice of public health experts regarding Covid-19. The warning appears in place of the original message, so users will see the warning first.

Three specific cases

Twitter says it intervenes in three different cases: misleading information, disputed claims, and unproven claims. If the amount of deception is considered “violent,” Twitter will delete the message. A warning message will appear for a claim that has not yet been confirmed. When only a small portion of the tweet is not true, a link to a website with correct information on the subject will appear. In principle, Twitter does nothing with unproven claims. The company does not rule out the possibility that it will come up with new labels in the future to also provide context for tweets with unproven claims.

The new labels are a continuation of the fight against spreading fake news on Twitter. Earlier this year, Twitter expanded its policies to ban information that goes against information from official health organizations (such as the WHO). The distribution of incorrect or incomplete information is thus tackled. This removed two Twitter messages from Brazilian President Bolsonaro. The tweets featured videos showing the president flouting quarantine measures in the city of Brasilia.


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