Twitter is finally making it easy to see retweets with comments

Those who are often on Twitter have probably experienced it before. You tweet with a lot of retweets, but you don’t know what people are actually saying about your tweets. You could already see that via a detour, but now Twitter also has a solution.

You can respond to a tweet in two ways on Twitter. You can reply directly under a tweet, but you can also retweet a tweet with a comment. At the second, it was difficult for the original tweet’s channel to figure out exactly what you said. So Twitter now comes up with a solution.

Quoted retweets

Who until recently the so-called quoted retweets of a tweet, had to rely on a Twitter profile to do so. You could activate that by tagging @QuotedReplies under a tweet and he gave you a link where you could see the retweets with comments.

But now Twitter has – finally – added a way to do this quoted retweets to watch. Quoted retweets have gained popularity in recent months through the use of “bomboclate” and “sco pa tu manaa”, where a photo is shared and you are sent via a quoted retweet a caption has to make up.

How does it work?

You don’t have to do much to see the retweets with comments. You just have to click on the number of retweets. Attention, you really have to be on the tweet page for this and not on your timeline. Because when you click on the retweet button, you retweet the tweet. So you have to click on the tweet first and then click on the word “retweets”. You will then enter the new retweets section, where you will recently find a subdivision between the retweets “with comments” and the retweets “without comments”.

Unfortunately, the feature only works for iOS users for now, but it will likely roll out to Android users soon too.


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