Twitter removes account of former leader Ku Klux Klan for good

Duke had an account for over ten years and had at least 50,000 followers. He was guilty of threatening people because of their religion, race or population.


The group that Duke was leader of, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), is a secret society founded in the southern United States when it lost the civil war in 1865.

The movement wanted there to be an exclusively white society and forcibly prevented the release of more enslaved slaves.

The KKK was virtually eliminated ten years after the civil war, but reinvented itself a hundred years ago as a group that fought against American influences. This included black, Roman Catholic and Jewish people and immigrants looking for work.

The movement has attracted a lot of attention, but according to observers, it mainly exists as an ultra-right uncoordinated splinter group of possibly just 5,000 people across the US.

Thousands of accounts

It is not the only account that Twitter is removing. The social medium is banning thousands of accounts propagating ideas that would promote hatred and discrimination.

This includes, for example, the account of the ultra-right group QAnon. That group is viewed by the FBI as a possible source of “domestic terrorism”.

Earlier, YouTube also banned David Duke’s channel.


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