Twitter rolls out its Clubhouse competitor Spaces in April

At least that’s what Twitter said itself in a Space room, according to The Verge. That conversation cannot be heard back.

Since Wednesday, users have seen advertisements for the service, with which you can create and share audio spaces with others.

Since November, we have known that Twitter is working on the service, which has to compete with the iOS audio app Clubhouse. Only a few users can currently create audio spaces themselves, but all Twitter users can listen in. In the first test, Twitter focused on women and marginalized minorities, because, according to the company, those people often remain unheard of.

Also Android app

Unlike Clubhouse, Spaces can also be used on Android. You can also share emojis with Spaces. The function can be found under Fleets in the Twitter app.

Clubhouse has existed since March last year. The app suddenly became very popular last month, gaining about 4.6 million users in the first sixteen days of February.


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