Twitter wants to withdraw Donald Trump’s presidential account in January

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Twitter wants to revoke Donald Trump’s access rights to the presidential account @POTUS (“President of the United States”) on January 20 at 12 noon and hand it over to his successor, Joe Biden. The news magazine “Politico” reports. Something similar happens with the accounts @whitehouse (“White House”), @VP (the account of the Vice President, currently still Mike Pence) and @FLOTUS, the account of the First Lady, currently still Melania Trump.

“Twitter is actively preparing support for the change of the official Twitter accounts of the White House on January 20, 2021,” quoted “Politico” Nick Pacilio, a spokesman for Twitter. On this day, Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. It doesn’t matter whether Trump admits his defeat by then or not. As in 2017, the change will take place in close coordination with the National Archives. No information would be exchanged between the Trump and Biden teams. All tweets would be archived and the account would be reset to zero.

Trump’s private account loses its special protection status on January 20th

The presidential account is currently often used for retweets from Trump’s personal account @realDonaldTrump. Even with this, the incumbent president threatens hardship. Because on January 20, according to an announcement by Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, Trump will lose his status as “world leader”, that is, as an important figure in politics in which there is a public interest. After that, the same rules should apply to him as to other Twitter users. If the tech group’s guidelines are violated, individual tweets could be deleted or the account blocked. Twitter had repeatedly been criticized for the fact that Trump was not punished, for example if he spread untrue claims or insulted his opponents sharply. Before the election and afterwards, the company had therefore provided numerous tweets from Trump with warnings – for example, his repeated allegations that the election and especially the postal vote had been manipulated.

So far, Trump has refused to shape the transition for his successor and continues to claim without evidence that he himself won the election.

Money, sex and power: this is the Trump clan that rules the US



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