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Two Golden Calf nominations for Carice van Houten | Movie

Tailgating is written and directed by Lodewijk Crijns (Little sister) and shows how a family becomes the target of a murderous decency after a traffic row. In addition to nominations in the Best Film and Best Direction categories, there are also Kalf opportunities for the camerawork, the film score and the sound design.

Hair salon Romy

Hair salon Romy is about a demented grandmother, played by Beppie Melissen. The immovable youth drama was written by Tamara Bos and directed by Mischa Kamp, both of whom received a nomination. Melissen and Noortje Herlaar – who plays her daughter – can also hope for a Golden Calf next Friday, in addition to the film itself.

Beppe Melissen competes in the category Best Actress against colleagues Carice van Houten (Instinct) and Loes Luca (Mi vida). The battle for the Golden Calf for the Best Actor is fought by Marwan Kenzari (Instinct), Jonas Smulders (Paradise drifters) and Shahine El-Hamus (The Pisa promise).

Audience favorite The legs of Saint Hildegard, despite the corona restrictions, already good for more than seven hundred thousand cinema visitors, three nominations have been won. Including for Best Film and for the screenplay written by lead actor Herman Finkers.

Playing it on Curaçao Buladó, with which the 40th Dutch Film Festival started on Friday, is also a contender in the category Best Film. Like Mi vida.

Television drama

To bind in the election of the best television drama Mocro mafia 2, Red light and SorrowTeevee 2 into battle. Ramsey Nasr (IM.), Shanine El-Hamus (Dear mum) and Jan-Paul Buijs (SorrowTeevee 2) have been nominated as Best Actor in Television Drama. Hanna van Vliet (ANNE + 2), Carice van Houten (Red light) and Halina Reijn (Red Light) have a chance to win the prize for Best Actress in Television Drama.

The Golden Calves will be awarded in Utrecht on Friday 2 October.


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