Two hundred euros extra for lowest incomes due to high energy bills

Energy prices have risen sharply in recent months, causing many households to spend hundreds of euros extra on energy bills. To ease the pain, the cabinet previously allocated more than three billion euros for a reduction in energy tax. This saves about 400 euros per household per year.

Report to the municipality

For people at or just above the social minimum, the cabinet is making an extra effort. People entitled to social assistance receive the extra of about 200 euros automatically. Other groups that qualify for the extra allowance can report to their municipality.

Responsible State Secretary Dennis Wiersma says that the extra allowance was necessary for a group of people. “We see that people are really getting into trouble due to the rising energy prices. That is why I have looked for a solution together with municipalities to further accommodate people with a lower income.”

Retirees with only state pension and the self-employed with a low income will also receive the 200 euros. A fixed amount has been chosen, because otherwise it would become too complicated to find out who should receive how much supplement. A total of 200 million euros has been made available for the measure.

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