Two measures are intended to significantly accelerate mass vaccination

Twelve million cans for Austria

A total of 600 million doses of the active ingredient will then be available to the EU, Austria in turn will receive two percent of them – that is a total of around twelve million. However, delivery is dragging on: In the first quarter, 657,700 cans have been announced, in the second quarter the exact number is unknown. Since every person has to receive two doses, a total of around six million Austrians can be immunized with the Biontech vaccines.

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) thanked Von der Leyen, who had “pulled out all the stops”. The procurement of another 300 million vaccine doses from Biontech / Pfizer is an important success for the EU, which doubles the quota.

“We mustn’t lose another day in the fight against the pandemic. The vaccinations are the game changer. Here we have to use all the means available to us, be it further procurements, further approvals, ramping up production or a 6th vaccination box per bottle . With the additional EU contingents from Biontech / Pfizer that Ursula von der Leyen negotiated, we can already get 1.5 million additional doses in Austria in the second quarter “, explained Kurz.


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