Two new free games on the Epic Games Store

Two free games for the PC are waiting for all users in the Epic Games Store this week.

The Epic Games Store wants to attract new customers with regular free games. Once a week, two new games are added to the shop free of charge, which all users can download and keep free of charge after registering for free. Last week the horror game Amnesia: Rebirth and the action-adventure Riverbond were free on the Epic Games Store. Both games are still available for free download.

Retiree chaos sandbox game

But the next two free games are already in the starting blocks in the Epic Games Store: If you like entertaining multiplayer action in an open world, you should definitely take a closer look at “Just Die Already”. Marketed as a “pensioner chaos sandbox game”, the title puts all players in the role of an elderly person who has just been kicked out of a retirement home and must now survive in a chaotic world. Four arenas and different game modes should keep the fun high. However, players should not be put off by excessive violence.

Mutant in Eastern Europe

The next free game called “Paradigm” is no less unusual: it is an adventure in the style of old classics like “Monkey Island” or “Maniac Mansion”. The player will end up as a mutant in the year 2026 in the Eastern European fantasy land of Krusz, in which the story of the protagonist Paradigm also plays a major role. Classic adventure fans should definitely take a look. The lovingly drawn environments are reminiscent of the heyday of the adventure genre.

Both free games are discounted to 0 euros during the day. The exact time was not announced.

Download Just Die Already for free on the Epic Games Store

Download Paradigm for free on the Epic Games Store

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