Two new free games on the Epic Games Store

Two free games can currently be downloaded from the Epic Games Store. These games are available to choose from.

The Epic Games Store wants to attract new players every week with regular free games. Two titles are being offered this weekend that can be downloaded and kept forever at no additional cost.

Classics reissued

The first free game called “Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap” takes the player into a cute fantasy world. There you have to search for magical artefacts that are supposed to break an evil curse. The side-scrolling game was actually released back in 1989 as Wonder Boy 3. New and hand-drawn animations should save the hopping game in the current time. And in fact, you can no longer see the game’s long history. Three levels of difficulty from “Expert” to “Family” to “Casual players” are intended to keep the entry hurdle low.

D&D party management

With “Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms”, a management game in the universe of “Dungeons & Dragons” is also being given away. If you like turn-based battles, are looking for new warriors for your party or want to heat up big bosses with perfect formations, this is the place for you. A recent freebie is also giving players a $100 DLC pack for free.

Expand collection permanently

Both titles can be downloaded free of charge until July 21, 4:59 p.m. If you add the games to your collection by then, you can download and try them out later. They remain permanently in your own collection in the Epic Games Store and can be installed on the hard drive if required.

Download Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap for free from the Epic Games Store

Download Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for free from the Epic Games Store

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