Two years ago: the fairytale wedding of Harry and Meghan

The dress

When Meghan steps out of the thick Rolls-Royce in front of St. George’s Chapel, we get a first glimpse of the dress and the press release is thrown out; the designer is British Clare Waight Keller from fashion house Givenchy. The silk dress and veil have been worked on for five months, with most of the work being done in the veil (hundreds of hours of work!). All 53 flowers are embroidered by hand: they all represent a Commonwealth country.

To ensure that the veil remains a virgin white, seamstresses should wash their hands every half hour. Nice detail: inside the wedding dress a piece of blue fabric has been sewn from the dress that Meghan wore on the first date with Harry. It is estimated that the dress costs around a hundred thousand pounds, which she pays for herself.

Guest list

The guest list is one to die for. Meghan flies over a battery of celebrity friends from America to celebrate the most important day of her life. The colleagues of the series Suits come out of their law firm to camp in sunny Windsor.

Good friends Priyanka Chopra, Serena Williams, George and Amal Clooney and girlfriend of the girlfriends Oprah Winfrey snapped a gold fork from the wedding cake and friends of the family. David and Victoria Beckham, of course, could not skip this wedding. These American celebrities mixed with the crème de la crème of the British royals, makes St George’s Chapel the glamor center of the world.

The ceremony

After friends and family settle in St George’s Chapel, the official part can begin. Meghan is not accompanied by her own father Thomas Markle, but by father-in-law Prince Charles. Harry wipes a tear at the love of his life. Hilarity and inconvenience buzzes through the ancient building when the American bishop Michael Curry proclaims his story in a theatrical manner for 14 minutes. But the highlight is surely the exchange of the “I do’s” and the associated rings. Meghan wears a ring of gold from Welsh entirely according to tradition.

Break with traditions

Harry and Meghan don’t seem to have much trouble breaking traditions on their wedding day, because really royal-like is it not to sit constantly with your royal husband or wife. The couple is not averse to a little PDA and during the church ceremony they do not let go of each other’s hands.

In addition, they choose not to marry traditionally on a weekday, but on a Saturday. This causes disappointment for many British people, because they do not now have an extra day off. So big bales.

When choosing the wedding cake, the two have taken tradition into account. The cake must also meet strict requirements in royal circles, so it must have a clear fruit taste. Harry and Meghan opt for a lime-elder blossom wedding cake wrapped in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.


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