Tyson meets Holyfield on July 11 in Saudi Arabia Sport

Photos of a poster showing the two former US heavyweight world champions circulating on social media date July 11 and Diriyah in Saudi Arabia as the scene of action.


Holyfield announced a week and a half ago Twitter are already making his comeback in the boxing ring. He announced that he plans to finish a number of demonstration parties for a good cause in the current corona crisis. A few days earlier, Tyson had also talked about a comeback.

Holyfield captured the heavyweight world title four times. “The Champ” has an old account to settle with Tyson. “Iron Mike” once bit a bit out of an ear of Holyfield during a world title fight.


Tyson ranks as one of the best boxers ever. He owned and prolonged the world titles of the WBA, WBC and IBF. Tyson was in prison for years for rape. He is now seriously in training again.


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