U Committee: Greens voted against ÖVP on the summons list

As in the summer, the parliamentary groups in the Ibiza committee of inquiry will have to come to an agreement on two different summons for the survey installment in the coming year. After the SPÖ and Neos, who had made a joint request, a list came from the ÖVP on Thursday. Both are legally binding, but the majority of two respondents have been deleted from the ÖVP list – with the votes of the Greens.

The two are the liberal parliamentary group leader Christian Hafenecker and the SPÖ member Christoph Matznetter, who also sits on the U-Committee. For ÖVP parliamentary group leader Wolfgang Gerstl, the voting behavior of the Greens is somewhat “surprising”, after all they have been “striving for clarification” over the past few months, according to Gerstl: “And now they are building the wall for someone.” Gerstl would have liked to ask Matznetter because he is president of the Social Democratic Economic Association (SWV) and the ÖVP came across Novomatic advertisements in SWV newspapers during its research. And Hafenecker would be interesting from a turkish point of view, because he was Secretary General of the FPÖ during the period under investigation and could possibly provide information about any cash flows, according to Gerstl.

“Return carriage”

SPÖ parliamentary group leader Jan Krainer saw in it, as in the entire list of the ÖVP, “just a malevolence”. Matznetter and Hafenecker are obviously a “return coach” for the repeated loading of National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP). In general, he doubted a connection with the subject of evidence in the majority of the interviewees wanted by the ÖVP. The fact that there are many state politicians among them is also angry with Krainer, because after all it is about the alleged buyability of the turquoise-blue federal government. Krainer also criticized the fact that the ÖVP had urged a 24-hour deadline for summons and had now not adhered to it itself.

Similarly, Neos parliamentary group leader Stephanie Krisper: “The ÖVP summons list has nothing to do with an interest in clarification.” In any case, it was difficult to find accommodation for all the people who were interested in information, said Krisper: “It is accordingly unspeakable to fill the days with people whose questioning could not be more senseless.” In connection with the attempted summons of Matznetter and Hafenecker, the pink parliamentary group leader reminded of the BVT committee and the arguments of the ÖVP at the time when parliamentary group leader Werner Amon was to be summoned. Even now, no members of the current U-Committee should be invited, said Krisper.

All three faction leaders emphasized that it would now be a matter of reaching an agreement for the survey days from January to April. There will now be talks at the speaker level. You still have enough time. For Krainer and Krisper, however, additional survey days may now be necessary.


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