U Committee: Sobotka defends cooperation with Novomatic

The chairman of the Ibiza U Committee, President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP), has once again defended the cooperation between the Alois Mock Institute, which he chairs as President, and the Novomatic gaming group.

The Alois Mock Institute is a “bourgeois think tank”, not a party-affiliated association and is therefore “definitely” not subject to party law, argues Sobotka in a Tuesday evening broadcast Pulse24-Interview.

“Has nothing to do with donations”

The expenses of 109,000 euros to the Alois Mock Institute are reported in the Novomatic accounting from 2013 to 2019 and are based on a cooperation agreement. But that has nothing to do with donations. How the Novomatic records that must be left to the Novomatic, so Sobotka.

“We got money for an ad and nothing else, and that’s the truth, there is nothing to shake.” In addition, the subject of investigation is limited to the period from 2017 to 2019.

According to Sobotka, the statutes also offer no way of influencing the institute. There topics would be discussed that are otherwise not discussed in the ÖVP. The decision was made to be “non-partisan”, so the information is made available to everyone.

“Not a single flow of money into the party organization”

Sobotka emphasized that the Alois Mock Institute was “always transparent” and that the cooperation with Novomatic was shown on the website. From the beginning it was only about a cooperation. The gambling group was interested in it “because we offered interesting topics”.

In addition, there was “not a single flow of money into a party organization”. Sobotka intends to maintain this type of cooperation in the future: “Of course, we live from having a partner.”

Once again he criticized the U-Committee. This loses focus and has degenerated into a show. They are constantly trying to put everything in a “wrong light”. According to Sobotka, the opposition parties do not like an unpleasant chairman who insists on compliance with the law: “That doesn’t impress me much, I adhere to the law, that’s my standard.”


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