U-committee: Sobotka sees debate about his person calm

The Ibiza U Committee is the 31st Committee of Inquiry the Second Republic. A Committee of Inquiry is an “essential tool of Parliament and political responsibility”. He is not a court, but can provide enlightening elements for the courts Sobotka. Despite Corona, the committee started quite quickly, the demand for the introduction of one Committee of Inquiry came through on December 11, 2019 SPÖ and NEOS. After some debates about the content and length of the investigation, there is now a cargo list for the witnesses and a timetable. 42 days of meetings are scheduled for April next year. A three-month extension is possible.

Next week it starts with Strache & Co.

As everywhere, certain corona security measures apply in Parliament. For example, a plexiglass wall is being moved into restaurant 7, where the BAT and the third Eurofighter investigation committee have already taken place. The spaces for the journalists have been expanded and visors are being made available.

Sobotka also commented on the criticism of the SPÖ at the selection of the place. Four out of five parties had clearly spoken out in favor of the chosen room. This has already been tested for U-committees and offers all the necessary precautions. For example, it can be made tap-proof.

The Lower Austrian becomes the judge Ilse Huber act, who has been a judge for civil matters at the Supreme Court since 1993. As a particular challenge of this committee, she named the protection of personal privacy and the delimitation of the disclosure obligation Respondents, because criminal proceedings are pending against several people. The difficulty with this committee is that the Ibiza video has had a huge impact and that will also be noticeable in the investigation.


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