U2 frontman Bono turns 60 and shares “60 songs that saved my life”

U2 frontman Bono turned sixty on May 10. And instead of grieving for that, the world-famous Irishman took a slightly different approach. He compiled a list of 60 songs that “saved his life”. Each artist on the list also receives a letter of thanks, in which Bono tries to explain his fascination for the song.

Growing older is no fun for anyone. But you still have to go through it, so you better make the most of it. U2 frontman Bono must have thought that in the run-up to his sixtieth birthday, on May 10.

The Irishman shared a list of sixty songs “that saved his life” with the world. In addition, he plans to go to all the artists on that list one fan letter to thank them.

“Especially happiness”

“These are some of the songs that saved my life,” Bono wrote in a post on U2’s website. “The songs without which I could not have lived …”, it sounds.

“The songs that brought me from there to here, from zero to sixty … Because of all the abrasions, all those ways of nuisance, from serious to silly … and happiness, especially happiness”, Bono continues.

“I also wanted to thank the artists, and all the other people who helped create the songs,” continues the world-famous Irishman. “They did the same for me … I write a fan letter that goes with every song, in which I will try to explain my fascination.”

Billie Eilish and Finneas

Bono has already published six of those letters. The rest will follow in the coming weeks. One addressed Bono to Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas. Their number everything i wanted has made it to his list, and of course not without reason.

“Dear Billie (and Finneas too),” writes Bono. “My ears long to wander in empty spaces, to sneak away from the crowds of the digital surfaces with too much information. I step into your number and it is one black beauty, tormented and fantastically vulnerable and terrifying, fearless and disturbing. “

Artists, sons and daughters

Other letters that Bono has already published are those for Kraftwerk (for their number Neon Lights), Daft Punk and Pharrell (front Get Lucky), Massive Attack (front Safe From Harm), the son of David Bowie (front Life On Mars?) and Alice, the daughter of Luciano Pavarotti (front Miserere, a collaboration between Bono, Pavarotti and Zucchero).


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