Uber checks from Monday whether drivers wear mouth masks

Both passengers and drivers must indicate in the app that they take precautions before a ride. Drivers must take a selfie with a mask on. By scanning them, the app can check that they are wearing one. Passengers do not have to take a selfie.

The changes in the Uber app take effect on Monday. The app changes for both passengers and drivers. If one of them does not wear a mask, the other can report this ‘violation’. Drivers can also cancel a ride if a passenger is not wearing a mask. The number of passengers on a shared UberX ride will be reduced from four to three.

Uber says he will check the masks until the end of June. Then it is examined whether further adjustments are needed.

Millions of masks

Uber also spends $ 50 million on masks, disinfectant sprays and wipes, handles and gloves. “We have purchased over 23 million masks for our drivers and delivery drivers around the world. Many of these masks have been sent directly to drivers’ home addresses.”


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