Uber & Co .: 28 CEOs on how Corona is changing the world of work

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a third of the world’s population is locked down. Millions of workers were on leave. Many have even lost their jobs. The economic consequences of the crisis cannot yet be fully predicted.

In the meantime, the corona virus has already affected every aspect of our lives. The way we work, how we deal with each other, how we shop, pay and how we do things in our free time – everything changed in a few weeks and months.

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To understand how the pandemic is transforming the business world, spoke to 28 executives from different industries. We wanted to know from you: How will the way your company works will change due to the corona virus? How will your industry develop? And how will that affect the world?

Here you will find the answers from the most famous bosses in the world – from Brian Chesky from Airbnb, to Dara Khosrowshahi from Uber, to Julia Hartz from Eventbrite.

The bosses’ responses show that the pandemic primarily acts as an accelerator. Trends that emerged before the crisis are now being implemented in record time. “The future that we envisioned for 2030 has been catapulted into the present, with everything now being digitized as standard,” Tobias Lütke, boss of Shopify, told us.

28 CEOs explain: This is how the business world will look after the Corona crisis


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