Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish: First downloadable beta and what’s new

The next Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is called Jammy Jellyfish and finally offers long-term support again. That is new. The first beta version is available for download.

Codename: Jammy Jellyfish

Canonical had already revealed the code name of the next Ubuntu version in October 2021. Accordingly, Ubuntu 22.04 is called “Jammy Jellyfish”.

The code name “Jammy Jellyfish” carries the English word for jam (“jam”). Jellyfish is the English word for jellyfish. “Jelly” also means jelly in English.

New logo for Ubuntu

Ubuntu 22.04 will be the first Ubuntu release to use the new Ubuntu logo. Read more about the new logo and what it looks like in Ubuntu Linux has a new logo.

Chronologically from left to right, the three generations of the Ubuntu logo.


Chronologically from left to right, the three generations of the Ubuntu logo.

© Canonical

Long-term support: 5 years for each user

Ubuntu 22.04 is an LTS variant, so it gets five years of support as standard and, for a fee, even ten years of support (Extended Maintenance Release, ESM). (Professional) users have planning security for many years and do not have to switch to a new Ubuntu version at short notice.

release date

The feature freeze was on February 24th, 2022. No new features have been added since that date. Since 17.3. there are no more changes to the user interface. The final freeze will finally be on April 14th, 2022. The release date for Ubuntu 22.04 is April 21, 2022.


The desktop will be a customized Gnome 42 on standard Ubuntu, with orange as the new default color scheme and an improved push-button screenshot feature. Version 7.3 of LibreOffice is on board and Thunderbird version 91. The kernel is said to be 5.15.

The scripting language PHP should be on board in version 8.1. Python 3.10 is supported – by the way, Python is the programming language of the year 2021 in the Tiobe Index.

As usual, however, numerous derivatives will appear again, such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, UbuntuKylin, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Studio and Xubuntu as well as server and cloud versions.

Users may be able to choose an “accent color” from a predefined color palette within the Yaru theme. How many and which colors should be available is still unclear, but it was probably around seven or eight colors. That’s what omgubuntu speculates.

Testers also discovered a note in the current test versions (Daily Builds) that prompts users to switch to Ubuntu Pro. This notice can be turned off. Ubuntu Pro is actually an offer for professional users and for Amazon AWS customers.

Download Ubuntu 22.04 Beta

Users who are keen to experiment can download the first beta version of Ubuntu 22.04 here. Only 64-bit versions are available. Under no circumstances should beta versions (and daily builds) be installed on productive computers, as these can crash at any time or cause other problems.

Download the beta versions of all Ubuntu 22.04 variants:

Download: Ubuntu 22.04 Beta

Download: Kubuntu 22.04 Beta

Download: Lubuntu 22.04 Beta

Download: Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 Beta

Download: Ubuntu Kylin 22.04 Beta

Download: Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Beta

Download: Ubuntu Studio 22.04 Beta

Download: Xubuntu 22.04 Beta

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There are these Ubuntu Linux variants: server, desktop, IoT

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