Ubuntu Linux has a new logo – this is what it looks like

After twelve years, Ubuntu Linux gets a new logo. This is what it looks like and these are the differences to the previous logos that Canonical developed for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Linux gets a new logo. However, this does not represent a revolution compared to the previous logo, but is just fine tuning.

Canonical, the company behind the Linux distribution Ubuntu, presents the new Ubuntu logo in a blog entry and in a short video clip on YouTube.

The picture accompanying this message shows the three development stages of the Ubuntu logo.

The Ubuntu logo has always represented the “Circle of Friends” and the word “Ubuntu” means something like “humanity” in the African language Zulu. This “circle of friends” has become slimmer with the now updated version and the symbols for the individual friends are now in a circle and have, so to speak, moved closer together. The whole logo now also forms an upright orange rectangle.

However, Canonical will keep the white and orange color scheme. In the first logo generation from 2004, even more colors were used, which were also clearly mixed with each other – this was intended to symbolize the many different skin colors of the people. But that made the logo a little uneasy. With the second logo generation from 2010, the well-known white-orange color scheme was introduced.

The new logo comes just in time for the release of the next big new Ubuntu version 22.04 LTS – an Ubuntu version with long-term support that will give users planning security for many years to come. Read more in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Jellyfish: Download and what’s new.

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