UEFA makes peace with 9 Super League clubs (with fine), Real, Juve and Barça still risk exclusion

The European football association UEFA has again embraced nine of the twelve clubs that wanted to participate in the new top competition Super League. They do receive punishments. No agreement could yet be reached with Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus, which means that they may be excluded from the Champions League.

Three weeks ago, twelve European top clubs unleashed a huge riot by announcing their plan for the Super League. That had to be a new closed top competition with all the richest clubs and prize money that was much higher than that of the already lucrative Champions League.

Fast End Super League

After protest from fans, however, a few days later the plan quickly collapsed like a house of cards and most clubs withdrew from the Super League, even before it was born. These include the English clubs Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea, the Italian clubs AC Milan and Inter and last-minute also the Spanish Atletico Madrid.

Since then, the nine clubs that have distanced themselves from the project have been negotiating with UEFA about the future. An agreement has now been reached on this. In doing so, they officially declare that they recognize the binding force of the UEFA statutes and remain committed to the existing three European club competitions. They will also cut all contacts with the Super League.


Their tough language does not remain without consequences, however, as UEFA also imposes a fine on the nine clubs. For example, they must jointly donate an amount of 15 million euros to the European football association that will be used for youth football. They also hand in five percent of their European prize money this season. That rule will be redistributed among the other clubs that played European.

Furthermore, the clubs also state that they will pay a fine of 100 million euros if they want to join an unrecognized league again in the future and 50 million euros if they violate another connection.

Real, Juve and Barça

FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus are the only clubs that have not accepted these “conditions for reintegration”. They are now being referred to the UEFA disciplinary committee and risk being banned from European competitions next season.


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