UFOs: US military has increasing evidence of unidentified flying objects – reasons

The US Department of Defense has more and more reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). That could be the reason.

At a hearing in the US House of Representatives, the US Department of Defense announced that unauthorized or unidentified objects had been increasingly observed since the early 2000s. In English: The number of UFO reports has increased in recent years. The US military uses the term “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs) for such unknown flying objects. In total, there are around 400 reports of such observations, as The Verge reports.

The fact that the number of UFO reports has increased in recent years is not due to the fact that aliens are preparing for an invasion of earth, but, for example, to the emergence of a new category of equipment: namely affordable drones or quadrocopters. Once more devices fly through the air, the likelihood of observers from Earth observing seemingly inexplicable movements or objects in the sky increases.

In addition, the sensors for detecting lenses in the sky have improved in recent years. This, too, almost inevitably leads to more being discovered. In addition, reports of UFOs would no longer be as stigmatized as in earlier times, which is why more people would dare to report unexplained flying objects.

Videos with UFOs

The Department of Defense also gave examples of such sightings, including a short video taken from the cockpit of a Navy aviator. In the video, a small reflective spherical object is seen passing the plane’s window.

Another video shows a flashing triangle observed through night vision goggles. However, Navy officials later recorded a similar image when drones were nearby. It is therefore assumed that this video is also a drone sighting.

Near misses with US fighter jets

There have been no collisions with US fighter jets. However, the Pentagon mentions at least eleven near misses, as reported by Deutsche Welle. US forces have never opened fire on UFOs.

No references to aliens

The US military emphasizes that while many of the observations remain unexplained, to date there is not a single piece of evidence that would indicate supernatural or extraterrestrial involvement. So there is no indication of extraterrestrial life either.

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