Ukraine International wants to fly to New York again this spring

The 737 flights to the Big Apple planned for December have been canceled again.

After a break of several months, the Ukrainian airline wants to include New York in its flight schedule again: From spring 2021 – possibly at Easter – it should be so far as Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) announced in a broadcast. However, there are no more precise details such as frequencies and aircraft. Up until the start of the corona pandemic, there were up to five flights a week between Kiev and New York, usually using the Boeing 777 and occasionally the smaller 767. The last rotation was flown in mid-March 2020.

UIA has actually planned to fly twice a week from Kiev to the US metropolis again in December. They wanted to use the Boeing 737 – this would have made a stopover in Keflavik necessary. As Routesonline reports, however, these flights have disappeared from the reservation systems. From spring onwards, however, it should be again widebodies that the Ukrainian airline wants to fly with.


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