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After the ban on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is no longer accessible to users from Russia.

As of today, Instagram is no longer accessible to the vast majority of users in Russia. Russia had already announced a ban on Instagram in the country last week.

Twitter and Facebook also banned

This is the Russian government’s response to a decision by Instagram’s parent company Meta. The company wanted to allow Instagram and Facebook users in some countries to call for violence against Russian soldiers after the invasion of Ukraine. In order to control the flow of information about the war, Twitter and Facebook have already been banned in Russia.

Instagram boss criticizes ban

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri already commented on the ban last week:

“This decision will cut off 80 million people in Russia from each other and from the rest of the world, as around 80 percent of people in Russia follow an Instagram account outside of their country. That’s wrong.”

like Moseri.

Platform for critical expression of opinion disappears

Over the weekend, numerous Russian influencers published farewell greetings on Instagram and encouraged their followers to follow them on other platforms or bypass the ban via VPN. In addition to the working basis for influencers, Instagram is also a platform from Russia that citizens could use to speak out against the war in Ukraine.

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