Uncatchable after a few seconds: Bugatti Chiron pulls Veyron away

The two Bugatti models Veyron and Chiron are separated by eleven years and 499 hp. That shouldn’t make a big difference with supercars beyond the 1000 hp mark – one might think. This Youtube video proves the opposite; the Chiron gets its older brother really wet.

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From 129 km / h the Chiron pulls away unassailable

But let’s start from the beginning: Youtuber The Stradman competes on an airport runway with his Veyron (1001 PS, 1250 Nm) against a Chiron Sport with 1500 PS and 1600 Nm. The start of the two Bugatti is surprisingly unspectacular, but at around 80 miles per hour (approx. 129 km / h) the Chiron takes the lead and gradually becomes unattainable for the Veyron. This is also noticed by the driver. “The Chiron is gone, just gone!” He says at the equivalent of 200 km / h. At 160 miles per hour (approx. 257 km / h), only a cloud of dust can be seen on the horizon from his opponent. The Veyron is accelerated further to 309 km / h before the driver brakes it, but has absolutely no chance of catching up with the Chiron. No wonder, as the comparison of the data sheets of the two super athletes shows. While both models are still quite close to each other in the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h (Veyron: 2.5 seconds, Chiron Sport: 2.4 seconds), the Chiron only needs 6.1 to accelerate from 0 to 200 km / h Seconds and is 1.2 seconds faster than the Veyron. The picture is even clearer when you look at how long both models run from standstill to 300 km / h according to the factory. The older Veyron needs 16.7 seconds for this, the Chiron is 3.6 seconds faster with 13.1 seconds! But the numbers are of course not half as impressive as a real race between the two cars. This is available in the video from 6:57 minutes:

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