Underdogs: The sensational Formula 1 victories

The sensational victories of Formula 1

Pierre Gasly made history with his sensational victory in Monza. After eight years there was another success of an underdog.

D.That this Formula 1 season would be crazy in 2020 was to be expected. But very few would have believed that this curse would end after 147 races. Since then, a driver from one of the three teams Red Bull, Mercedes or Ferrari has always won. There has never been such a two-tier society in Formula 1 history.
At the 2013 Australian GP, ​​Kimi Raikkonen in a Lotus-Renault was the last driver who did not win a Grand Prix for these three teams. However: Back then, Lotus was definitely an outsider candidate for a win.
It gets really spectacular especially when real underdogs win, like now in Monza. Pierre Gasly drives for the team (Alpha Tauri) that is in seventh place in the constructors’ championship halfway through the season – even after the win. It was the first underdog win since Pastor Maldondo’s triumph in Spain in 2012.
In the picture gallery we show you the last ten underdog victories in Formula 1.


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