Unemployment far from peak TOGS money remains | And extra broadcast about returning to the office

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Unemployment is on the rise, and it’s getting worse. In fact, it is already worse than it seems, according to analyzes of the figures. People who are now out of a job are often so gloomy about the prospects that they don’t even look for work. And then you do not count as unemployed.

Monday will be a small holiday for the catering industry: the bars and restaurants can open again, albeit with many restrictions. And they put a big veil on the fun, because for the time being it seems that having a cafe or restaurant is far from profitable. “I think that 80 percent of the small pubs in Amsterdam will fall over,” says the owner of the Amsterdam café Nel.

The emergency counter for entrepreneurs who were forced to close their doors seems to be left with a fair amount of money. After two of the three months that the scheme has been open, only 150,000 entrepreneurs have knocked on the door for a total amount of 600 million euros. And that while more than a billion euros has been budgeted.

Now that the corona measures are being relaxed step by step, office workers are also returning to the workplace. But maybe you don’t feel like it at all, or just find it scary. Or unpleasant. At 7.50 pm you can watch our special broadcast in which we answer all your questions.

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This piece was most shared yesterday:
We had to wait a while, but Ursula von der Leyen showed serious muscles. Yesterday, the European Commission presented its proposal for an emergency fund of 750 billion euros, to be raised through loans and to be largely spent as gifts. Until now, this has been an abomination to the Netherlands.

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For the first time, it is not a government organization, but a company responsible for a manned flight to space. A start of a new era.

And you may have missed this last night:
The dismissal fine for support for companies does not disappear completely. Companies that use the new government support package as of 1 June and lay off more than 20 employees without consulting the union will receive less wage subsidies.

This may come along to the digital coffee machine:

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p.s. Twitter has nothing to fear from Trump, writes columnist Roderick Veelo.

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