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Unexpected find at Mount Everest summit: ‘alarming’

The mountain, which even has its own Twitter account where people can ask anything, already had a dubious “dirty” reputation. And it has now become even dirtier. Not really top news, therefore, for Mount Everest, the mountain that has already been climbed by more than 6,500 people.

Researchers have found traces of microplastics close to the top of Mount Everest. The tiny plastic particles are believed to have come from items used by the hundreds of people who climb the world’s highest peak in the Himalayas every year. The findings are published in the environmental journal One Earth.

Dump site

The busy route to the 8,848-meter summit has already been nicknamed “the highest dump site in the world” because it is littered with fluorescent tents, discarded climbing equipment, empty gas bottles and even frozen droppings. But the first study on microplastics on Everest, led by a research team from the University of Plymouth, found pollutants up to 8,440 meters above sea level. It would be twelve microplastic fibers per liter of snow.

“The samples showed significant amounts of polyester, acrylic, nylon and polypropylene fibers,” said researcher Imogen Napper. “It really surprised me to find microplastics in every snow sample that I have analyzed. When I thought of Mount Everest, I always thought of remoteness and unspoilt nature. The fact that we pollute the area around the top of the highest mountain is a real eye-opener. ”

People respond to the news. “Fascinating and disturbing at the same time.” And: “People are now known for polluting the earth from the deepest ocean floor to the highest peak.”

Mount Everest trivia

Except that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world (there is a mountain on Mars that is much higher) and that the mountain is named after Sir George Everest, not many people know that time flies just a little faster on the summit of Mount Everest (compared to sea level). Has everything to do with Einstein’s theory of relativity.

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Unexpected find at Mount Everest summit: “Disturbing”


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