Unhappy at work? 3 tips to find more happiness at work

Too many people stick with jobs they are unhappy or even actively hate. That’s a shame: you spend so much of your life at work that you owe it to yourself to look for more happiness at work. Are you also unhappy at work? In this article, we’ll cover three tips that will help you find more happiness at work.

And that does not necessarily mean that you will quit your job in a hurry.

3 tips if you are unhappy at work

Looking for new opportunities not only makes you happier, it probably also has a positive effect on your performance. That in turn brings about a kind of domino effect, because in the long run it also means that you will be promoted sooner or receive a salary increase.

High time to stop complaining and to take action.

1. Don’t just quit your job

Okay, you shouldn’t stick with a job where you’re unhappy at work, but still this is an important step. Many people underestimate how much influence they have on their job and job responsibilities.

First of all, it is important to find out why you are so unhappy at work. Is it because you can’t get along with a colleague? Is your workload too high? Are you no longer happy with your range of duties? Or are you ready for the next step?

Once you have identified the pain point, you can see whether this can be tackled at your current company. Talk to your manager and see where there are options. Finding a new job is not always easy, especially during a crisis. If a solution is possible, it is worth at least trying!

2. Look for a new job

Is there no way to stay? That’s okay too. But instead of complaining about your job, colleagues or boss, now is the time to really take action. In the previous step, you already figured out why you are unhappy at work, so that should help you make a better choice for a new job.

Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile and actively check vacancy websites. On LinkedIn you can indicate that you are looking for work. Don’t worry if you don’t want to get rid of old shoes if you don’t have new ones yet: you can indicate that only recruiters are allowed to see this.

3. Be careful what you say and to whom

During job interviews you will often be asked why you want to leave your current job. We know the reason, you are unhappy at work or you cannot go through one door with your boss or colleagues, for example. But you don’t have to declare this to your new potential employer. Never be negative about your current job, because this will not leave a good impression.

If you complain about your current job during a job interview, the interviewer will fear that you will do the same later about the company you are currently sitting at. Therefore, answer that you are ready for a new challenge or that you are out of place.

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Unhappy at work? 3 tips to find more happiness at work


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