Unicode 15.0: These are the 20 new emojis – a total of 4489 new characters

Unicode 15 brings 20 new emojis for WhatsApp, Windows & Co. These are the new emojis and sequences.

The Unicode Consortium has submitted its proposal for new emojis in the upcoming Unicode 15.0. Among the total of 4489 new characters (mainly characters) in Unicode 15 are 20 new emojis and 11 new sequences such as the hand sliding to the left or right. Thus, Unicode 15.0 brings a total of 31 new emojis in the broader sense. The total number of emojis in Unicode thus increases to 3664. However, the proposal list for Unicode 15.0 has yet to be formally decided.

These are the new emojis

The new emojis include a goose , a hyacinth , a jellyfish , a donkey and a pink heart, among others. The full list of all new emojis can be found here. You can read a detailed presentation of Unicode 15.0 on this page.

You still need some patience

The new emojis should be particularly exciting for use in social networks and messengers like Whatsapp. Although you cannot use the new emojis at the moment, they should soon be available on iOS and Android as well as on Windows systems. The first platforms should probably support Unicode 15.0 with the new emojis by December 2022, and almost all platforms should offer Unicode 15.0 support by October 2023.

Unlike Unicode 14, however, such curiosities as an emoji for a pregnant man are missing this time: Unicode 14.0 is here – 37 new emojis for Whatsapp & Co.

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