Union: Staff Miss Etam files for bankruptcy on Monday

According to the union, it is also not the first time that Miss Etam staff have to wait for the wages. This was also the case in September, according to Martin Pikaart of AVV. According to him, Miss Etam’s parent company leaves the staff “out in the cold again.”

Miss Etam is owned by NXT Fashion from investor and entrepreneur Martijn Rozenboom. At the end of August, he took over Miss Etam, Claudia Sträter, Expresso and Steps from the Dutch branch of the bankrupt FNG. Claudia Sträter and Expresso were resold to the Van Uffelen Group.

Job loss

NXT Fashion says it is suffering a lot from the corona crisis. Two parts of the company were already declared bankrupt in December. 116 employees lost their jobs. According to Rozenboom, bankruptcy had become inevitable because the business units do not appear to be eligible for the NOW3 support scheme due to the recent restart.

Even now that the staff of Miss Etam has not been paid, Rozenboom is relying on the corona problems, AVV states. “He is unjustly hiding behind the UWV, which is still processing an application for corona support (NOW),” says Pikaart. “The staff is fed up.”

AVV, together with Miss Etam’s works council, already went to the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal twice because of the problems at Miss Etam.

Response NXT Fashion

According to NXT Fashion, the action of the union can be completely counterproductive. According to a spokesperson, the company is fighting hard for the company.

The company says it is busy demonstrating that there is no question of a new employer but a “restarting party” and that NXT Fashion would therefore be entitled to the support measures. This would currently be discussed at the highest level at the Ministry of Social Affairs.


“Through no fault of our own, the branches were closed as a result of the lockdown, so that the turnover is nil. We expect that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment will grant us the NOW scheme,” said a spokesman for the parent company.


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