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Unique film images of Rutger Hauer recovered | Movie

It is one of the actor’s first film roles, which would later break through in Hollywood. Hauer stars in the short film Karl Fürgler a German SS man who had deserted and then helped the resistance. On 11 February 1944 he took part in the raid on a distribution office in Amersfoort. The robbery failed. Fürgler was shot dead by the police in his hideout a day later.

The theater colleague is part of a major project about Amersfoort in the war years. Historian Hans Goedkoop is participating in this project. During an investigation into the attack on the distribution center, it turned out that a short film had already been made of this. Director Willy Lindwer, who would later win an Emmy Award for his documentary about Anne Frank, made the short film during an internship at the NOS.

Big impact

It was intended that the robbery would be reenacted live during the theater lecture. Because this is not possible due to corona, a 40-minute film was made about this event that had a significant impact on the population of Amersfoort at the time. The film, which consists of re-enacted scenes, historical images and diary fragments, can be viewed online at the beginning of May. An art director of the Black Book film, among others, contributed to the reconstruction.

Ticket sales will start soon, producer Medialab and the Eemland library that supervises the college announced on Thursday. The intention is that Rutger Hauer’s short film will be added to the Eemland Archives, Amersfoort’s historical documentation center in the short term. The film is then also expected to become available online for interested fans.


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