United Kingdom goes into hard lockdown again

The United Kingdom is again entering a strict lockdown. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this in a press conference. Earlier today, Scotland already announced a hard lockdown and now the rest of the country will follow.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the British today with bad news. Just like in March 2020, the country will go into a strict lockdown again. In addition, people are recommended to stay at home and are only allowed to leave their home for essentials.

“Most difficult weeks so far”

Boris Johnson announced the “most difficult weeks yet”. To prevent the further spread of the corona virus, the country will again go into a strict lockdown. This means that people are only allowed to leave their homes for essential matters, such as a visit to the doctor or the supermarket.

In addition, the schools will also remain closed. Only the children of care providers can still go there for care. Telework is also once again becoming the norm.

Infectious corona variant

There had been tougher measures in the south of the country for a while, where the new, more infectious corona variant emerged, but now the measures are being extended to the rest of the country. Due to the new variant, Great Britain has been seeing a strong increase in corona numbers for a while now.

As a result, Scotland intervened earlier today. There the lockdown will start at midnight.


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