Unity: New tech demo shows lifelike hair

A new tech demo from Unity is intended to show that human hair can also be realistically displayed in games.

The Unreal Engine is used in the development of many games, but the Unity Engine from the US company Unity Technologies is also often used. In a new tech demo, the makers have now given a glimpse of the future of game development. The presentation, simply dubbed “Enemies”, is to be officially presented at GDC 2022, but the tech demo is already available as a video.

hair in focus

The focus of the new tech demo was obviously the depiction of people and their hair. An elderly woman is shown in a room in front of a chessboard. Then one of the characters catches fire and the protagonist turns to the viewer. Unity wants to show off its new real-time 3D technology called RT3D. This should allow a visual quality that was previously not possible.

Strand based hair

Especially the representation of the hair knows how to please. A completely new solution for creating, importing, simulating and rendering strand-based hair was developed for this purpose. Real-time raytracing reflections, raytracing environmental occlusion and native support for Nvidia’s DLSS are also used. This should also impress the tech demo in a lower resolution than 4K. At the Unity stand, the makers want to present their technology to the visitors as part of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) from March 23rd to 25th. When the first games will appear with the new technology, however, remains open. The tech demos often show new technical possibilities, which usually only become widespread in game design in a few years. In the near future, however, players can look forward to virtual people who can hardly be distinguished from reality.

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